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There are two versions of the film. The full version contains a scene of intimacy and a flashback to childhood sexual abuse that might be too intense for some viewers.

Therefore, a second version was created with this scene removed. 

Subtitles are currently available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. 

Coming soon in: Polish.

Full Version

Redacted Version

We are extremely grateful to the following volunteers for their work in translating the subtitles of the film:

Chinese:        紫阳花-创伤解离疗愈(Trauma & Dissociation Peer Support Group in China)

Dutch:           Paul van Dukenberg

French:         Zelliana System and Anonymous

German:       Cornelia Utley

Japanese:      Anonymous

Norwegian:  Cunniva

Portuguese:  Michel Monteiro

Russian:        Anna and Oleg

Spanish:        Gwendolyn Tinajero and Martha Zavala

Turkey:         Oya Babaoglu 

Ukrainian:   Olga Ryazantseva and Olha Hromis

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